5 Tips From A Tennis Pro

Little Palm Island

Gilberto “Gilly” Gonzalez was born in Caracas, Venezuela in 1974 and has lived in Florida since early 1993. Ever since his arrival, Gilly has been involved with the high-performance tennis industry. Ranging from after-school programs, club tennis, academy, and world tour coaching and conditioning. Gilly, a USPTA professional, has honed a comprehensive program over the past ten years, effective for all ages and stages of physical/athletic development.

With twenty-plus years in the industry, ranging from ITF World Junior Circuit player through a decade on IMG’s Bollitieri & Evert elite tennis academies. Gilly has also done personal hitting, coaching, and training for several ATP/WTA tour players as well as NCAA and USTA champions: P Korda, A Agassi, B Becker, M Seles, S Grosjean, A Kournikova, I Falconi, M Renaldi to name a few. For the better part of the last 12 years, Gilly has dedicated himself to creating a home in South Florida applying his collective knowledge to create and provide great tennis experiences for players of all skill, and ages.

He is very happy to have found a great full-time, year-round home at The Club at Admirals Cove in Jupiter, Florida to share his love and day-to-day dedication for the game. Gilly looks forward to providing each and every member a top-of-the-line exclusive tennis experience.


Gilly encourages everyone to get out, play, and get the full
experience that tennis has to offer. He hopes you find these ideas
motivating to your daily life:

1. Before hitting your first higher-intensity balls for the day, prioritize an easy, low-pace, consistent rally keeping the ball in play all while slowly increasing lower spine activity. This applies to all ages and levels.

2. Build your consistency in groups of 5 good repetitions in a row. (Less luck<More skill)

3. Learn how to play “Social” tennis aka cooperatively. As well as more “Competitive” style tennis, when shots become more challenging.

4. Play for the cardio rhythm, bring more than 12+ balls. Try to hit 25 or more shots over/across the net with a friend before a minute runs out.

5. Expand your racket skills by playing Pickleball, Ping Pong, and Tennis at any age or experience level player.



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