Kate and Cassie are Top Luxury Bridal hair and makeup providers catering to the Palm Beaches and sur-rounding areas. They have quickly built a cult following amongst locals and Bride-to-Be’s. Coastal Drive chatted with this dynamic duo to gather their helpful tips for our readers preparing to say “I do”.

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CDM: How should a bride prepare for her wedding day, beauty-wise?

Kate: I recommend my brides focus on hydration and a maintaining a basic, simple skincare routine. Don’t switch your whole regimen a week before your wedding and decide to get a last minute chemical peel- it’s a recipe for disaster. Try to keep your skin calm and happy. Cleanser, hydrating serum, moisturizer, SPF- I can help recommend product specifics during a trial. Drinking lots of water leading up to the big day always helps too!

Cassie: To prepare for the big day I often recommend a slight trim/dusting of any dead ends about a month out. Sometimes a clarifying shampoo or treatment is also needed. Ideally, I like to create a tailored hair care plan with my brides during their trial since everyone’s hair has different needs. This is also an opportunity to color match for extensions. 9 times out of 10, extensions are necessary to give the hairstyle fullness and hold.


CDM: Do you have any tips for how brides can keep their hair and makeup fresh and intact on the big day?

Kate: If you’re able to book your artist to stay with you throughout the day for touchups, do it. I offer a “Bride’s Day Package” which includes exactly that. Wedding days are long and with them comes lots of emotion. I love being there for my brides to keep them looking fresh through it all. Me being there allows them to embrace the moments, cry the tears, and share all the kisses without worrying about how their makeup looks. Also, Florida weather… need I say more? 

Cassie: The brides day package is honestly the only way to book your beauty team! I do natural hairstyles and with that means not a lot of hairspray/lacquered looks. I love enhancing a brides natural hair and a lot of times it’s a very soft touchable style. Most brides now opt for the first look so from the time hair is finished to the time you are walking down the isle it’s been about 4 hours (sometimes more) of photos. This is, keep in mind, outside, and in Florida the weather is unpredictable so it could be a literal dewy cloud outside, great for photos not for hair! When I stay with my brides I am able to keep them looking perfect and also do a complete touch up/refresh before ceremony and seeing your guests for the first time! Bonus: I love being able to remove the veil and do a fun party pony for reception so you can dance all night and not worry about your hair! 


CDM: How do you help your brides choose the best hair and makeup look for their wedding day?

Cassie & Kate: First and foremost, we want our brides to feel like the most beautiful version of themselves. We take a lot of things into consideration when creating bespoke wedding day looks. Personal preferences, hair type, facial features, the dress, floral color palette, venue, photographer’s style, just to name a few. Each look is completely personalized.


CDM: Thank you for all of the great information! Where can future brides find you ladies?

Kate: Thank you!! My website is Follow me on Instagram at @KateBlakeArtistry
Cassie: We’re happy to help! My website is Follow me on Instagram at @Ivyandlacefl





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