By: Kiera DiCicco | ARNP, Master Injection Specialist Owner of Albany Aesthetics

Little Palm Island

So many women struggle with cellulite. Some-times no matter how many times a week you are hitting the gym, that stubborn cellulite just won’t go away! Well don’t give up just yet as there is a new treatment available now to help combat that stubborn cellulite! Meet QWO! QWO is the first and only FDA- approved injectable for cellulite treatment in the buttocks. Off- label uses include the thigh area.

What exactly is cellulite? The fibrous bands under the skin begins to thicken over time and cause tension on the skin creating dimples.

I am sure you are wondering how exactly this QWO works? The enzyme, collagenases, found in QWO helps release the tension from fibrous bands that contribute to cellulite. QWO redistributes fat cells that are pushing against the skin and helps stimulate new collagen production. With every type of treatment, it is a process that requires a commitment of more than one session. For best results 3 QWO treatments is recommended with each treatment being 3 weeks apart. Visible results may be seen in 4-10 weeks after initial treatment. Treatment maintenance schedule is individualized per client and can be discussed with your aesthetic provider. Another common question you may be wondering… Does it hurt?! Not to worry as QWO injections cause minimal discomfort and require no post-treatment downtime. QWO is injected with tiny small gauge needles and therefore, topical anesthetic is not necessary for injections.

Not everyone is a candidate for this new treatment. Ideal candidates for QWO include adult women with moderate to severe cellulite in the buttocks. Patients with dimples created by skin laxity or changes in skin tone would not be considered QWO candidates.

What are you waiting for ladies? Schedule your QWO consult so you can be bikini ready by Summer time!
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