By Stefanie Herlan (Fit4Mom Jensen Beach)

Being a mom in 2021 is challenging with all that is going on and Fit4Mom Jensen Beach is here to help as many moms as possible feel their absolute best. All the moms I meet challenge themselves and motivate me every day. Just getting to class is a huge triumph with all things considered. We all have different stories, challenges, talents, etc. but we all come together as a community and are amazing moms to our children. With that being said, we are so lucky to have this kind of support from one another. Our workouts are at all different kinds of levels and we welcome all stages of motherhood.

Whether you are pregnant, newly postpartum or have older kids and want to come by yourself, we welcome you! You will leave our classes feeling successful, connected and energized. I know as moms, when the holidays roll around, we can easily get stressed and overwhelmed so here’s a few workouts I want to share with you that we perform here at Fit4Mom. If you own a resistance band and a stroller, I recommend you utilize those too!


Grab your band, place it under your right foot. Go down into a lunge with your right foot forward in a static lunge position. Staying low, keep your chest open and start to bicep curl. Stay in this position for 30 seconds and then repeat with left foot forward.


While holding on the handle of your stroller with both hands start your walking lunges alternating legs with each step. Remember while you lunge forward to keep your chest open and make sure your knees stay over your ankle.


Start with your toes facing outward and come into a low squat, with hands in prayer position, and start pulsing in that squat position. We will be here for one minute. Remember to keep your shoulders back and over your hips and keep your chest open.


Find your platform, here we have a bench and place your hands directly below your shoulders. Pull everything in and create a straight line from the crown of your head to your toes and hold.


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