Tennis Clubs have grown in popularity over the years, especially in Florida as it’s a year-round sport. CDM talks with members of the Jupiter Bay Tennis Club about the highlights of being part of the local tennis scene.

Little Palm Island

Jupiter Bay Tennis Club is a small private club with access to 7 tennis courts. Mike Massie, owner and tennis professional is known for his style of teaching and positive reinforcement on the courts. “He makes us feel like rockstars”, says Andrea Rosenberg who has been playing tennis in Palm Beach County for 13 years.

“Jupiter Bay is a high-energy club; this is our reputation and our claim to fame. It seems that when you stay positive, keep the energy level high and positive – you will attract the same”, explains Cynthia Harkins, who is a club member and also works at Jupiter Bay.

There are all levels – people new to the sport who are just learning, people who grew up playing, all the way up to competitive tennis players who might have played college tennis or played at the professional level. The only qualifications that you need are the desire to play tennis, a healthy attitude and a willingness to be part of something great.

In the sunshine state, Tennis is a year-round sport. In the middle of winter when everywhere else is snowed out, this group of girls feels grateful to be playing in the sunshine. With competitive team tennis, the season is September-May.

“My time at the tennis club is not just about the tennis, it’s a place to get together with friends. I have been with many of the same girls on my team for 7 years or longer. On match days, we put on our game faces and like to win. But win or lose, we shake it off, support each other, have lunch, laughs, and cocktails at lunch or later at happy hour. Most importantly, we cheer for each other on and off the court. I love how we all have different backgrounds, we’re in different stages of life (some retired, some with young families), but we share this common love of tennis and from there some beautiful and meaningful friendships blossom”, says Rosenberg.

“Tennis isn’t just about the shots you hit, it’s also about strategy, shot placement, communication with your partner, and mental toughness.”

“For me personally, outside of being part of the day-to-day operations, I can honestly say that my team is everything to me. The love, respect, and strength of these women is an outstanding bond that I will cherish forever. We have been together for 5 years. We have been through every scenario you can think of from celebrating our lives and families to supporting each other through the toughest obstacles in life”, says Harkins.

CDM asks what you enjoy most about being a part of a tennis club?

“Tennis has impacted my life in so many positive ways other than a fun way to exercise. First of all, it’s therapeutic to pound those yellow tennis balls, high-five, dance to great music, and laugh with friends on the court. It doesn’t matter what’s going on in your life, but we’re all superstars at Jupiter Bay. The game of tennis has such a mental component too”, says Rosenberg.

Tennis is a game changer…good for your physical health, mental health, and social life!

Left to right – Meghan Hurley, Linda Johnson, Cynthia Harkins, Andrea Rosenberg


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