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Certified as a Holistic Nutrition Coach, Personal Trainer, and Detox Therapist, Alexandria Lako, aka “Planted Posh,” is the go-to girl for your fitness and nutrition needs. We spoke with her about her health and fitness journey, plus she gave us insight into her nutrition and workout routine that keeps her happy, healthy, and fit.

Planted Posh

With an extensive health and fitness resume, Alexandria helps guide clients across the world on a journey of healthy living with holistic principles that cover mind and body. As a former Division 1 Runner from Ohio State University, fitness has always been a part of her life. After graduating, she decided to continue her education and went on to complete law school in 2019. It was during her last semester that she started her health and fitness journey and decided to undergo a personal transformation.

For years, she struggled with self-esteem issues due to over ten years of gut health concerns, stomach bloating, and severe cystic acne. “Sometimes I didn’t even want to go outside because I didn’t feel comfortable in my body.” So, I took a leap of faith and tried a holistic approach to my health that not only completely cleared my cystic acne, but improved my gut, helped me lose the education weight, and, best of all, gave me confidence that I never knew I had.”

Her journey continued through the years. “In the early parts of 2020, when I had just started my legal career, a hurdle crossed my path. I was let go from my job as the pandemic began to sweep uncertainty across the world. It was my faith that kept me going because days after losing my job, I met my now husband, Charles, who opened my eyes to helping others achieve their health goals, just like how I did for myself. This life-altering change created a whole new passion-driven career that has opened so many doors. Now, I help take clients through their own transformations, travel when I want, and share my passions in health and fitness; while doing most of my work from my computer. There’s no better feeling than having the freedom to live my life the way I choose and have the opportunity to make a difference in other people’s lives.”

Alexandria follows an 80-20 lifestyle, meaning 80% of the food she eats on average is alkaline vegan; while the other 20% of her diet is free to enjoy fun foods or animal-derived products. This balanced lifestyle is what she teaches her clients and has had great success with. Alexandria explains, “I’ve found switching clients to this type of eating style, from a traditional American diet, drastically improves weight management, skin conditions, gut health, and energy levels.” So, what does a typical day of eating look like? Keep reading for a look into Alexandria’s daily nutrition plans, plus a workout hack you will want to incorporate into your routine.

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Alexandria’s Daily Nutrition Plan:

Pre-Breakfast:   I start my days with Greens! Usually a green juice of celery, cucumber, and cilantro or parsley with a scoop of Superfood Greens. On busy mornings: I’ll throw a stick of Arbonne’s Green Synergy Elixir in a glass of water. 

Breakfast: I’ll take one serving of Vanilla or Strawberry plant-based protein in oatmeal cooked with water and topped with fresh berries.

Snack: When I get hungry between breakfast and lunch, I usually crave something sustainable like a Feel Fit Protein Bar or vegetables with hummus or guacamole.

Lunch:  Salad or soup, with veggies and a hearty grain with either a plant protein like tempeh or lentils or a fish like shrimp or salmon. Around 2 pm most days is when I get that dragging feeling where I could use a nap break! So instead of coffee, I have an Energy Fizz.

Snack:  I’m usually finishing up my workout, and I love following up my exercise with a post-workout shake. My favorite shake for keeping me full is the Essential Meal in Vanilla. 

Dinner:  Dinner is a special time in our family because that’s usually the time my husband, Charles, comes home from work, and we eat together. Therefore, many of our evenings are spent eating out. Yes! I love eating just like the rest of you! If I am eating out, I try and get a Buckwheat vegetable soup or sushi rolls in brown rice. For an at-home dinner, I will make a hearty lentil curry, stew, or shrimp on gluten-free pasta.

Post-Dinner Tea:  Our digestion slows as we get closer to sleep, so the evenings are best for zero-calorie foods to aid digestion; so, I will usually have a cup of bedtime tea. My favorites are Cleantox, CCF, and Gut Cleansing Chai.

While following a proper nutrition plan is a key essential part of a healthy lifestyle, exercising is another key component to achieving your health and fitness goals. Alexandria incorporates what she calls “exercise snacks” into her workout routine. She says, “You don’t have to be in the gym for hours on end to see results… it’s a new concept that means breaking up an hour workout into bite-size pieces you do throughout the day, in your spare time.” This type of routine hits everything from cardio, legs, arms, and abs and doesn’t require you to hit the gym every day. But if you still want to get to the gym and use equipment, you can check out her new health and fitness workout app. With her app, you can follow along with the recorded and live workouts, complete challenges, and get nutrition guidance and support.

Exercise Snack Example:

Upon Waking: 15 push-ups (modified or unmodified), 15 squats, 20 walking lunges, and 30 jumping jacks, and repeat this 2-3 times before you hit the shower. 

Mid-Morning: walk up and down the stairs for 3-8 minutes.

Lunchtime: 15-minute walk around the office building or outside.

Mid-Afternoon: 50 calf raises; 30 squats; 20 incline push-ups on the counter or table, and repeat this 2-3 times.

At night: 15 minute walk and abs (30 crunches, 15 leg raises, 40 bicycle crunches, and 30-sec plank, repeat 2-3 times.)

Planted Posh

Alexandria Lako aka “Planted Posh” is a Certified Holistic Nutrition Coach, Certified Personal Trainer, Certified Detox Therapist, District Manager in Arbonne, Competitive Bikini Athlete, and Wellness Blogger. Learn more about her and about the new Health and Fitness App. by visiting her at Follow her wellness and fitness journey on social media @plantedposh.


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