As a former athlete, model, and spin instructor; this local entrepreneur shares her personal journey of life, fitness, health, and her passion for the Lagree Fitness Method. Get the inside scoop on how this mega fit mom manages it all and stays in top shape!

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CDM: Hi Kerry! CDM is so excited to share your personal journey as an entrepreneur, a mother of 3 and to hear about the Lagree Fitness Method! You are indeed super fit! What is your secret?
KC: First of all, thank you! My fitness journey runs deep. I am a former D1 college athlete and have been teaching fitness for over 20 years. I joined Core Evolution first as a client, then as an instructor and became Studio Owner in 2018.

CDM: What exactly is Lagree and how did you discover this unique method?
KC: I discovered the megaformer workout through my colleague as an indoor cycling instructor and quickly realized how effective it was. I knew from that moment, that I would implement Lagree into my life and I never looked back. Core Evolution is the only studio in Palm Beach County that offers this exclusive fitness method.

CDM: Is Lagree the same as Pilates?
KC: Lagree is fundamentally different from Pilates by combining high-intensity techniques with low impact qualities. The fusion of strength, endurance, cardio, balance and flexibility training on the megaformer machine offers an exercise that is safe and effective for all individuals. Lagree has something to offer everyone looking to reach and maximize their fitness goals.

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CDM: Covid has impacted a lot of fitness studios. How have you managed through that as the owner?
KC: Like everyone else, Covid has impacted Core Evolution in many unforeseen ways. As a small business owner, I have had to learn to roll with the punches and expect the unexpected. Our studio operated at limited capacity for 4 weeks before an 8-week government mandated shut-down. Our Core team pivoted quickly by featuring a variety of at-home workouts with our instructor team on both our social media pages and our YouTube channel. When we were finally able to re-open, our primary focus (and continues to be) is ensuring the health and safety of our community. Through enhanced cleaning procedures and closely monitoring local guide-lines, I am proud to say Core Evolution has been able to safely and successfully navigate these unprecedented times.

CDM: 2020 was a difficult year for you in more ways than just Covid. Can you share your personal journey with a major health scare and how you managed through all of the challenges with such a positive attitude?
KC: 2020 was probably the most challenging year of my life. Right before Covid, I was hit by a teenage drunk driver. When the doctors did imaging of my neck to assess injuries, they discovered I had cancer in my thyroid. By the time testing and byopsy results were done, the world was completely locked down. I had to wait an additional 6 weeks before I was able to undergo surgery at the Thyroid Cancer Center in Tampa. When I went in for surgery, they discovered the cancer had spread and required the additional removal of 12 lymph nodes. Not only was this physically challenging, but also mentally – on the same day of my surgery, the studio reopened for business. I had to put complete faith in my team to reopen during a pandemic. They were absolutely amazing and thanks to their endless support, I was able to return to teaching a month earlier from my recovery. If 2020 has taught me anything, it was to wake up each morning grateful and eager to share my health and fitness journey through Lagree.


CDM: WOW! Your positive mindset is just incredible! Not only are you a successful small business owner, you’re a mother of 3. How do you manage everything you do while keeping to your fitness regime?
KC: It definitely takes a village and lots of time management! I’m very fortunate to have such a fantastic support system surrounding me. None of this would be possible without my family, friends and my team.

CDM: Your family is very philanthropic and always looking at ways to give back to the community. You even have your own non-profit organization called Bella’s Angels. Can you tell us more about this organization?
KC: Bella’s Angels, Inc. was formed after my daughter, Bella was diagnosed with CHARGE syndrome at 4 years of age. CHARGE is a rare genetic syndrome that impacts 1 in 12,000 births. After years of searching for answers, we struggled to find help with the mounting medical and travel expenses that insurance would not cover for her therapies. Bella’s Angels (a 501 c3 non-profit organization) has grown tremendously since 2005 and has assisted many local special-needs children and their families with-in Palm Beach, Broward and Martin Counties. Funds are raised through local and national fundraisers and are allocated to help pay for medical, travel and therapeutic costs that are not covered by insurance but are crucial in diagnosing and treating the ongoing medical needs of these children with life-long disabilities.

CDM: Kerry, you are the epitome of a woman’s strength, determination, drive and perseverance and you truly are a role model for your children and other women! Thank you for sharing so much about yourself with us and our readers.
KC: Thank you for having me! It is always a pleasure to share my passion for The Lagree Fitness Method with the greater community! It is the best feeling and truly a luxury to wake up everyday and do what I love for a living!

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