Interior Design, Dare to Be Different.

An exclusive look inside the home of Kirsten Norman, Founder of The Norman Design Group!

Architectural Photographer: Tyler Sargent; Sargent Photo | Architectural Stylist: Joy Bennett Style

What truly defines an interior design style is the uniqueness and ability to stand out from the rest, whether it’s modern, traditional, or the newest transitional design. Kirsten “Kiki” Norman has established her own personal style with her family’s new home located in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida.

Kiki, Founder of The Norman Design Group,  was born and raised in Southeast Asia and Australia and has lived in a total of 8 countries throughout her life to date. After graduating from Boston College, she attained her interior design degree at Parsons School of Design in New York and then went on to work for hospitality design companies like Hirsch Bedner and Associates in Los Angeles, London and most recently Zürich, where her two daughters, Kaya and Kelly, were born.

Kiki married her husband, Australian entrepreneur and golf legend, Greg Norman aka The Shark and moved to Florida in 2010. She then started working with Greg, overseeing and designing his branded real estate in places like Mexico and Columbia. Her last major project was a two and a half year owner-build project of their estate on Jupiter Island, which they ultimately sold during COVID. They also sold their beloved 7Lakes ranch in Colorado at the same time. When they found their new Palm Beach Gardens home, it reminded Kiki of time spent in Santa Barbara, California with its Montecito style architecture and giant trees. Kiki and Greg knew that this time they wanted to keep construction to a minimum on their new house. The new challenge she faced as a designer was combining the contents of their Jupiter Island coastal home and their western lodge. Her vision, therefore, was a California desert inspired interior.

Kiki defines her overall style as natural, barefoot elegance, an island style influenced by her Mother’s Filipina heritage and she always designs her personal projects with her husband in mind. “The house is for both of us after all!” she says. She therefore tends to stick to a bold yet neutral palette, with strong often masculine statements as a hallmark of her interior design.

Lamp Shade: Yuma St. Barths, Photo (Center): Michael Dweck, Photo (Left): Kara Rosenlund

When you walk into their home, you are met with a beautiful blend of styles that reflect all the different journeys of their lives, showcasing exceptional designer brands such as Christian Liaigre, Ralph Lauren, and James Perse, a perfect background to tell the story of their life together, from their extensive travels to their growing family, all while exuding a warm place of peace and tranquility.

Kiki explains that she wanted this house to be more casual than their last, being mindful of all the teenagers who hang out there all weekend. She immediately thought of James Perse’s relaxed, California-cool surfer vibe, a perfect fit for her ex-surfer husband and their family’s love of the ocean. She also thought of Richard Hallberg, whose authentic California design aesthetic has always inspired her and because it is beautifully understated. She carefully planned the home around their furniture but also with the intent to make each room usable. Kiki encourages her clients to think outside of the box when it comes to space planning. For example, she converted their normally-unusable entry foyer into a lounge with oversized club chairs and drink tables. She also converted the formal living space into a statement bar, which greets guests upon arrival and is perfect for an entertaining lifestyle. The bar and the lounge together allows for an inclusive space that works for the whole family.

She also took the master bed off the wall and floated it in the center of the room to maximize the views of their huge resort-style pool. On the other side of the home is a dual-purpose dining room that can be used as a formal dining space or a library that has a full display of her husband’s many trophies. She converted their guest house to a gym, which is now used daily by all family members.

Kiki stands by the belief that your home should reflect the way you like to live and who you are. “Tell a story while making every room a visual treat. Personal touches will bring warmth to your home. Focus on view corridors and displays to create impact. Think about your guest as well as your family and create spaces that are comfortable and inviting.”

Kiki Norman design is guaranteed to be eternally chic, irresistibly inviting, and creatively inspiring.

“I have the simplest of taste. I am always satisfied with the best!” 

– Oscar Wilde


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