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Living In Art: Tigress Mural & Design

Tigress Mural & Design. Zoey Alyssa painting a mural
Photography by Hazography

Zoey Alyssa is a budding artist from Fort Pierce, Florida, looking to spread the luxury of art within the community around her. Working predominantly in acrylics, Zoey Alyssa is a muralist and live event painter who enjoys creating art inspired by the surrounding biodiversity Florida has to offer. In 2017, her art career started at a local pottery & paint studio, where she found herself teaching an array of people the power of a paintbrush and the raw beauty of clay. As a self-taught painter and ceramist, painting as far back as she can remember, Zoey Alyssa was enthralled to learn she comes from generations of creative minds. Her Great Grandfather, Herbert Neuburger, was a prestigious watercolorist who immigrated from Germany to Florida before the war. Herbert, in his lifetime, befriended Beanie Backus (an International Landscape Artist who is said to have influenced the Florida Highwaymen of the area) and framed a lot of Backus’ preeminent work. Herbert’s son still creates as a copper artist in Jensen Beach, Florida, and remembers time spent with Beanie, their family friend, in the historic Fort Pierce Studio. 

Mural by Tigress Mural & Design, Zoey Alyssa.

Now residing in Vero Beach and working out of her home studio, Zoey Alyssa is a full-time artist creating residential and commercial murals, live event paintings, and custom commissions. She still teaches the fundamentals of clay at Treasure Coast Pottery. Her mural work can be seen as a public installation located in the Peacock Arts District in her hometown of Fort Pierce, Florida. By definition, as an artist, your job is to demonstrate the human creativity through skill and technique. Art for decades has been deemed a luxury, yet studies show over time that in order for communities, cities, and economies to thrive, art must be present. Art insists an abundance exists, and this idea often relates art to luxury and not something that is necessary. This abundance, when present, leads to stronger generations and healthier, confident contributing members to society. In other words, if we have the time to create and imagine outside of our world, we are therefore succeeding and conquering inside of it. This very idea is what manifested Tigress Mural & Design. Zoey Alyssa founded Tigress Mural & Design in 2022, marked as the year of the tiger. Tigress Mural & Design is an experience—a creative experience offered to those who are not so comfortable in the execution of human creative skills. Zoey Alyssa works with you in manifesting your world into the one you wish to see and involve yourself in.

Learn more about Zoey Alyssa at www.ZoeyAlyssa.Art or inquire today about the services she provides, such as mural work, live event painting, and custom commissions. Find her on Facebook and Instagram @zoeyalyssaart.


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