No Down-Time Holiday Peel

Written by Rachel Jane Hessee

Photography by Monica Lokitus. 

Winter is Coming! For a fantastic winter skin protocol this season, try The Skin Inn’s “Smart Progressive Cool Peel.” This experience is NOT like Samantha’s “Sex and the City” chemical peel, but rather this treatment is comfortable from start to finish. The idea of the cool peel is its smart peel ability to remove only compromised, damaged skin while enhancing, plumping, and hydrating healthy skin cells. This peel is excellent because it works within your lifestyle. There’s no need to cancel that dinner party you are invited to that same night since there’s no downtime! This is the perfect non-invasive treatment to address any summertime damage and help you glow this holiday season.


“We focus on the health of the skin and the science behind it, offering the tried and true ingredients and modalities…so much so that we have generational clients: grandmothers, mothers, and daughters!”
says Rachel.


The Skin Inn is Hobe Sound’s premier skin care center! Offering 15 years of exceptional and completely personalized skincare techniques catering to each client’s needs and goals they wish to achieve. The Skin Inn is owned & operated by the original founder, Rachel Hessee. Her team of 5 very talented technicians covers a wide range of skincare treatments and massage therapies.


Step into the Skin Inn and step out with your most healthy skin.
You can visit The Skin Inn by appointment only.
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