Written by Kristen Browning | South Florida Photographer

As a mama, you’re a busy lady and your coffee mug stays full to keep up with those little pitter-pattered feet that follow after you all day. Your days are filled with pings and dings from your phone, errands, playdates, and sometimes last minute runs to the grocery store.

You intentionally cultivate evenings of rest and slowness as you tuck them in at night because you know, one day the kids will be grown. The days are long and the years are short. 

Do you ever want to press the pause button on life and hold onto these sweet years forever?

Picture (no pun intended) this: I had recently photographed my two sons in our backyard. Nothing fancy. Just a simple outfit, and a blanket in the grass. When I received the printed photographs in the mail, my heart leapt! I ran my fingers over the soft, fine art paper. I noticed the true-to-life color and gorgeous skin tones (thanks, to the film!).  

These photos were sweet images that captured my boys’ relationship and personality. One being the two boys holding hands, another with my oldest giggling as I told him to put his arm around his brother. And, one of my favorites: a detail shot of my youngest’s chunky arm rolls (because we know those rolls won’t last forever, am I right?!) 

A gleeful moment hit me as I hung the last photograph. I took a step back to gaze upon the artwork. My heart on display. I intentionally placed the photos on the shelves of my living room where I could catch glimpses of them during the day. 

Fast forward a year and a half later. My youngest is now walking, and my oldest has started school.  

These moments? Well, I still see these images everyday. And, everyday they are a reminder to me of the joy of motherhood. If life had a pause button, printed photographs would be it. 

Never underestimate the power of print! §



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