Sea Lustre has become a household name for many locals here in Martin and Palm Beach County. Since the launch of her Pearl Collection in 2013, Sea Lustre has flourished into a local lifestyle brand. Brooke Hartman, Owner/Designer, talks with Coastal Drive about her journey to success as a female entrepreneur.

Photography by Gabby Perez.


CDM: Hi Brooke! Your personal story and journey with Sea Lustre is so inspiring!! I have to get a little personal… do you mind sharing your age with our readers?
BH: I’m honored to be chosen! I’m 35 years young.

CDM: That’s quite young for all that you’ve accomplished!! Congratulations!! What started your love for jewelry and pearls?
BH: I started in the jewelry industry right out of high school and learned quickly my love for all types of jewelry and design. I used to show up after school, at the jewelry store before working there to help check-in packages of new designs so I could get sneak peeks.

CDM: Do you have to go through any special training programs to learn your techniques?
BH: Yes, I’m a Graduate Gemologist from the Gemological Institute of America. GIA taught me the more technical side of the jewelry industry, however, my hands-on training with my mentor/previous employer taught me so much, and I’m forever grateful for her.

CDM: Since opening Sea Lustre, you’ve added a boho-chic clothing line, handbag, and footwear collection. Do you design all of those pieces as well?
BH: We do! I have to say “we” because like a lot of things it takes a village.

CDM: What inspires you when creating new designs?
BH: So many things, but my downtime sparks my creativity. When I have free moments to myself, my mind works the best! A good beach day, or a visit to our farm for sure.

CDM: Are all of your designs made locally?
BH: Yes & no. 80% of all our jewelry designs are created in our own Tequesta studio. Our clothing range is designed here and manufactured in Bali by a wonderful group of women.

CDM: How can we view pieces of your Fall/Winter collection?
BH: We recently launched our Fall/Holiday clothing collection this month. It consists of beautiful earth tones, and winter reds but with our signature South Florida style. Check our website to view more.

CDM: Where can readers find Sea Lustre products if they are not local?
BH: We invite you to shop our designs online at or with our select retailers across the US.

CDM: Sea Lustre has a sister company called Sea Lustre Living. Tell us about it.
BH: Sea Lustre Living is a passion of both mine and my husband, Eric. After visiting Bali numerous times, we fell in love with all the teak wood, rattan, and homewares they produce. In 2017, we filled our first shipping container to bring back to our Tequesta store to share with our clients. It truly brings the showroom to life and gives us a little slice of Bali at home.


“Our pieces are handcrafted in small batches made exclusively for the strong free-spirited woman.”

CDM: You’ve just about covered all aspects of the boho lifestyle from jewelry to clothing and now to furniture! Are there any other plans to add any additional components to Sea Lustre?
BH: Thank you! Sea Lustre has grown into a lifestyle brand organically, so you never know.

CDM: Curious minds, like myself, may want to know… do you love any one aspect of the business the most?
BH: Great question! I love to design and create. It doesn’t matter what kind of piece is it, but it sure makes my heart happy.

CDM: While you’re a boho babe all the way, we have heard you are also a cowgirl at heart. What can you tell us about your love for the farm?
BH: You mean my happy place, of course! So basically I’m a designer by day and a farmhand cowgirl on the weekends. My siblings and I share a very special piece of property in Martin County where we raise cattle. It’s a lot of work, but man I love it.

CDM: You recently celebrated your 8 year anniversary of Sea Lustre. Congratulations and Happy Anniversary! Do you have advice for others trying to pursue their dreams or any words of wisdom for your secret to success?
BH: Thank you so much! Where has the last 8 years gone? My advice would be: If you’re waiting for the “perfect situation” or scenario it will never come. You have to go out and work really really hard for your dreams to become a reality. You never know unless you try. Just be prepared for the roller coaster of your life but you can trust me when I say it’s so worth it.


Sea Lustre offers a full range of our clothing and jewelry designs in-store, as well as handcrafted goods you won’t find elsewhere. They specialize in working directly with artisans from around the globe. Sea Lustre is a one stop shop for local handmade jewelry, beautiful clothes and gifts, for all the friends and family in between.

140 Bridge Road, Tequesta, FL 



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