Sea Stories

A local artist making waves through her ocean-inspired art.

Stuart-based artist, Jane Baldridge, expresses her love and passion for our Florida waterways through her art. Jane, also a boat captain, has sailed and lived by the sea most of her life, which is where her deep love for the ocean stems from. With the rich oceanic blue hues all Floridians know and love, paired with sweeping motion, it’s not hard to feel like you are staring at the ocean when you look at her art. Much like the water she paints, she and her work are always on the move. She has exhibited her eye-catching paintings in many galleries across Martin and Palm Beach County. Her most recent body of work is a series of abstract seascape paintings called Oceana Phenomena. This collection is comprised of 3-dimensional human forms, covered in recycled charts specific to areas at risk of inundation, and painted to show the water rising up their bodies. Oceana Phenomena is all about ocean conservation, most notably the rising sea levels and declining water quality issues affecting our oceans.

Flood Stage 36 x 72 x 2.5″

Jane uses her art as a way to reach the public heartstrings in a way that graphs and data do not. She says about this work, “We are late to address this problem, and we need to approach it from every angle. This is a dynamic project to meet the needs of the ever-growing problem.” Oceana Phenomea has been shown at The Box Gallery in West Palm Beach, The Elliott Museum in Stuart, the Annapolis Maritime Museum, The Studios of Key West and most recently, at the The Palm Beach Design Showroom in Lake Worth. You can learn more about Jane and her work by visiting Artspeaks.com.

Golden Light 36 x 60 x 2.5″


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