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The new expansion of SIP TEQUILA is coming to Stuart late spring 2023!

Mockups courtesy of Splendid Home Design

Tequila has rapidly grown in popularity in recent years as a favorite of spirits for many. With this growth, the industry has seen a huge increase in the selection of brands and types, such as Blanco, Anejo, and Extra Anejo, to name a few. Sip Tequila, the largest online Tequila retailer, is a Stuart-based company that will soon be offering a whole new experience of spirits to the local area! The new Sip Tequila Experience will be unlike any other liquor retail option that’s ever existed, marrying the fantastic customer service and Tequila collection of SipTequila.com with an in-person experience. It will have one of the most fantastic Tequila selections available, with over 250 different expressions from more than 50 of the highest-quality Tequila brands. This will include everything from ultra-rare releases that you’ll only find at Sip Tequila Experience to top-tier bottles and a large selection of Tequila’s mother spirit, Mezcal.

Education is the foundation of the new concept, offering curated “exhibits” that will show the scope of work that goes into producing Tequila and highlight specific producers and brands. These carefully selected collections will have a core connection: from Tequila favorites by women-owned producers to regional focuses and production styles.  One of the many unique features at Sip Tequila Experience will be the Lounge which will be a speakeasy style that will offer a relaxed atmosphere for gatherings and special events. In addition, VIP lockers will be available for the ultimate Tequila connoisseur to store their collection on-site. 

Tequila Tastings will be a regular event that will be hosted by some of the most highly trained, knowledgeable Tequila experts by private bookings. Learn how to taste like a professional at the new Sip Tequila Experience!  To add to the fine selection offered, Sip Tequila Experience will also feature a small, curated selection of some of the best whiskey, cognac, rum, vodka, etc., for those that are looking for something special outside of the agave world.  Sip Tequila Experience is conveniently located at 2210 SE Federal Hwy Stuart, FL 34994.


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