Spring Cleaning, Made Simple

Blaire Davidson, owner of Jupiter NEAT, gives us her tips for spring cleaning perfection!

Article by: Blaire Davidson

Photo Courtesy of: Martin Vecchio

When your kitchen space is clutter free, thoughtful, and functional you’ll enjoy being in it just a little bit more, and the heart of the home will feel just as it should – healthy and loved. 

Most of us follow the basic rules for spring cleaning: mop, wipe, dust, and attempt to rid your home of clutter each year. These are all important facets of spring cleaning, but setting up a successful organizational approach in any space can eradicate the need for an overwhelming spring cleaning project. The kitchen is often referred to as the heart of the home. It is typically the busiest area in a house, the hub for everything from food prep and meals to after school homework sessions, and holiday entertaining. It’s an area that can get messy before you know it, and the space people want to look most presentable and tidy when hosting. 

This can often make spring cleaning your kitchen a very daunting task every year, and why it is important to think about establishing sustainable organizational systems all year long, so a spring time session doesn’t have to be such a chore. 

Here are some professional tips on how to tackle organizing your kitchen so it becomes less of a burden and more of a breeze:


Make sure any space is being utilized to its fullest potential. Optimize all storage opportunities, from additional shelving in a pantry, hooks under a sink cabinet for damp dish towels or cleaning supplies, adding floating shelves above a bar-sink, or vertical storage for baking trays and large serving platters. 


Have an appointed “drop zone” or drawer for household items, donate duplicates, or any gadgets and appliances. One must make an effort to keep keys, technology, junk mail, and other common clutter culprits off your valuable cooking space! 


Utilizing bins, baskets, and canisters helps create categories and group loose items together. Other items like turntables, drawer dividers, or insets also help prevent messes and clutter in drawers and cabinets. Bins used to sort items by category make life simple and easy to find.


Designated drawers for tools, dishes, dishtowels, pots, and pans will help ensure things go back where they belong. Adding labels to bins, drawers, baskets, even your fridge, is a great way to help anyone who uses the kitchen a ton, keep items where they belong or returned to their rightful home. 

“I often say labeling is like putting a bow on a gift.”

-Blaire Davidson


Headshot by: Chrissy O’Neill


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