The Coastal Rule: WHITE

To Wear or Not To Wear After Labor Day?


The great fashion debate of all time: Is it okay to wear white after Labor Day?
Does that rule apply everywhere or is it only areas with colder winters?

Photography by Kaunis Hetki. Model Kimi Weintraub. 

We all know that Labor Day marks the “End of Summer.” Some may argue against wearing white after the holiday but what if the sun still shines well past Labor Day? Does that rule still apply? Many of us living on the coast, may not agree.

Sure, white may be a symbolic color of summer however; it just exudes beach. Think Hampton’s chic summer style for all year long. There is just something so fresh and feminine about a white sundress or ultra-elegant about a chic white pantsuit.


There are many versions of the color white: such as winter white, which is clear in the name that its acceptable to wear, ivory and egg shell. Add some Fall to your white by pairing it with your traditional Fall/Winter shades such as tan, brown, black, or deeper shades of red or green.

The beautiful thing about fashion is that it is an expression of your own unique personality and style. Now more than ever are we empowered to be free with expressing our individuality and encouraged to take fashion risks.


be you. be style. be unique. be fashion.


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